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An Interview With Our Pilates Instructor Emily!

Keep reading and get to know more about the latest member of our #GalSquad, Emily!

Pilates Instructor Assisting Client on Reformer

What or who inspired you to choose your career path?

My mom began taking Pilates when I was away at college, and I would join her for a class or session during my visits home. After consistently taking through a summer break, I noticed myself making conscious alignment corrections while in dance classes and rehearsals. I was balancing longer. I was turning better. I was more controlled during adagios. My stamina was better. It was like having daily light bulb moments that made every correction I had heard throughout my time dancing make sense. It seemed almost bewildering to me that Pilates was something (at that point) that wasn’t being taught in all dance-related programs.

Why do you love what you do?

I love when clients have their own light bulb moments when it comes to moving in their everyday lives. I once had a client excitedly tell me that he realized he was able to reach up to his high kitchen cabinets without pain in his shoulder. Pilates can help to make activities of daily living easier!

What is something surprising you have learned in your field if anything?

Not necessarily surprising, but the Pilates Method didn’t really begin to take off and become popular until after Joseph Pilates died. He knew the movement was good, he just had no idea what all it would become!

What is frustrating for you in your field, or something you wish the general public could know about what you do?

Pilates, at its core, is movement. It isn’t about making pretty poses or getting a toned butt. It’s intended to rebuild functional patterns. It’s intended to be self-medication. It’s learning to strengthen and control the muscles you need to perform activities of daily life like bending down to get something off the floor. It’s treating the body as a whole instead of focusing over and over on one muscle group.

Charleston is a hot spot destination, what is one of your go-to places for food, a drink, or entertainment?

Jackrabbit Filly. Always and forever. Pilates and Karaage, anyone? :)

What book are you currently reading?

I’m re-reading (a.k.a. listening to the audiobooks of) a childhood favorite: The Series of Unfortunate Events.

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