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Join Our Team!

Are you interested in joining our Gal Squad?  Here's a few characteristics we look for! 

  • Are you a Team Player? 

  • Do you believe in the "Chick-Fil-A" above and beyond customer service?

  • Are you self-responsible, punctual, and reliable? 

  • Are you fun?

If you answered YES to all of these, then you might be a great fit with us! 

The Joint Effort Movement Center GalSquad

Interested in one of our positions? 

Send your resume to Kim at

Job Openings

We are looking to expand!  Here's our following offerings!

- PART-TIME Massage Therapist

We are looking to add an afternoon LMT to our list of amazing practitioners! Schedule is flexible - asking around 15 hours. Hours available are M-F 3-6ish and Saturdays.  Our ideal LMT would have some experience working with clients with musculoskeletal dysfunction and will be a team player on our interdisciplinary team. 

Pay: $30-40 per hour + tips (dependent on experience of course)

Benefits - besides being a part of a really awesome team of gals....
- Referral commissions on any of your current clients that you are currently seeing and would like to follow
- 30 percent of
f all other services in our clinic
- Marketing and education opportunities with other disciplines
- Flexible schedule


- PART-TIME Pelvic Health Therapist

We know this is a long shot, but we're going to advertise anyway! We REALLY would love to have a part-time pelvic health physical therapist in our clinic.  

Pay - $40-45 per hour depending on experience
- Company will cover 1-2 Postural Restoration Courses after 3 months
- 30 percent off all other services
- Interdisciplinary Collaboration with our other practitioners
- Flexible Hours

- Develop and build your own dream pelvic health program

Resumes can be sent to:

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