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Can My Sneakers Really Make A Difference?

One of the most common questions we get at Joint Effort is "What kind of sneakers should I be wearing?" There are infinite brands and styles, neutral shoes, stability shoes, rocker shoes, and the list goes on and on and on. So....what's the best?

If you don't have any musculoskeletal, posture, or balance problems, then the type of shoe you are wearing isn't as important. But, you probably aren't reading this if you aren't having problems. Here are a few considerations we look at when recommending shoes.

1) Neutral shoes. We like our clients in a neutral shoe. We fit shoes not for feet, but for the pelvis and nervous system. Read that again. The PELVIS typically dictates foot position. Unless there has been trauma, or foot issues you had when you were born, we use shoes to help with how your brain senses the floor.

2) A narrow heel counter. We want your shoes to "HUG" your heel and help your brain sense your feet better. A wide, flexible heel allows for more mobility in the foot and makes it more

A pair of tennis shoes

difficult for you to maintain even weight distribution from your heel to your great toe.

3. Comfort. Your shoes MUST be comfortable the second you put them on. You should never have to "break your shoes in."

4. You should sense your WHOLE foot. When you put on a new pair of sneakers and walk in them, can you feel and sense your WHOLE foot? Can you feel your heel? Your arch? Your big toe? Do you sense you are on the outside or inside of your foot too much? Is your weight more on the ball of your foot?

5. You will see a difference in testing. If you are a client of ours, you will know we test ALOT. Our tests give us an idea as to where you are in space and how you are holding your posture. We test when you walk in and after each activity. When we recommend a sneaker for you, we ask that you bring them in with tags still on. We will test you in your old shoes and in your new sneakers. If you are in the correct shoes, your tests should improve simply by putting them on and standing in them. Clients call it "magic." We call it "the power of your brain." Your body adapts to what it senses and if you can sense your whole foot appropriately, your nervous system will adjust and your system will relax.

Our TOP favorites:

1) Brooks Adrenaline:

2) New Balance 860s (low arch) or 880s (high arch)
Women's Link - Low arch
Men's Link - High arch

*As an Amazon Affiliate JEMC may earn from qualifying purchases when you use the links on this page.

**Please note: There are lots of other factors we look for in fitting a shoe. These are just some common ones. Depending on your medical history and current issues, these top 2 still might not be the best for you.

Fitting clients for the right type of sneaker is just one of the services we do as part of their Postural Restoration treatment. Other services include posture correction during daily activities, sleeping positions and habits, breathing strategies, and more! If you would like a shoe fitting or think you would be a good candidate, click here to learn more!


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