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How Can Dry Needling Help You?

Do you have a muscle that just won’t "let go"? Lacrosse ball, deep tissue massage, and massage guns might help temporarily, but it always gets tight again? Check out this article to learn about an more effective method to help with those stubborn trigger points.

What exactly is trigger point dry needling? We use a thin monofilament needle to penetrate the skin and target tight bands of restricted muscle fibers (aka trigger points) to help loosen up the muscle, increase

Gina Aicardi, physical therapist at Joint Effort Movement Center, performs dry needling on a patient as part of her physical therapy program.

blood flow to the area, decrease pain, and improve mobility and range of motion.

When and why do we use it? The use of dry needles to release a trigger point can be much more effective than the techniques mentioned above, but using it as the only treatment method is not going to provide a long term solution to your problem. Is it really addressing the underlying cause of the tightness or pain? The answer is no. Why is that knot there in the first place and why does it always come back? This is where physical therapy comes in! Once we identify the neuromuscular imbalances that are occurring, we create an individualized plan of care to help with postural repositioning, facilitating muscles that are weak and inhibited, and inhibiting muscles that are working harder than they should be. Many times those over-active muscles refuse to turn off and this is where dry needling can be very useful. It assists our neuromuscular system to INHIBIT those over-utilized muscles and patterns that are contributing to your pain. This will allow you to be more successful with your physical therapy exercises!

Utilizing trigger point dry needling in conjunction with physical therapy to address those muscle imbalances can be a great recipe for various injuries, including nerve impingement, low back pain, hip pain, shoulder impingement, and many more!

If you would like to give dry needling a try, contact us to schedule an appointment today!


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