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An Interview With Our Owner and PT Extraordinaire Courtney

Keep reading and get to know more about the lady who started it all here at Joint Effort, Courtney!

Physical Therapist with Client

What or who inspired you to choose your career path?

I actually started out as a Biology major with the hopes of becoming a Veterinarian. However, after looking at the profession, I realized that surgery and trauma were not for me. I knew in myself that I had a passion for making people feel better, I just didn’t know what that looked like. I decided to spend a summer working as a tech in a PT clinic to see if I enjoyed it. Spoiler: I absolutely loved it! Fast forward 10+ years - now a seasoned PT, but I wasn’t happy with some of my treatments. I didn’t understand why some people got better and some people didn’t. I felt like I could do more. I stumbled into Postural Restoration and the giant light bulb came on! I haven’t looked back.

Why do you love what you do?

I love the challenge of critical thinking and problem-solving, I love educating clients about their bodies, and I love being able to give a sense of hope. We have so many clients that come to us who have seen everyone under the sun about their issue, and when we are able to help them on their journey, even just a small part, it’s so rewarding.

What is something surprising you have learned in your field if anything?

I never knew just how profound and influential our diaphragm is. It is involved in our digestive system, respiratory system, postural/spinal system, and autonomic system. Our diaphragm is one of the major influencers of posture, scoliosis, balance, and muscular imbalance. Headaches? Diaphragm is involved. Sciatica? Diaphragm is involved. Impingement? Diaphragm issue. Plantar fasciitis? Diaphragm influence. It’s amazing, but also crazy that our profession of physical therapy doesn’t touch on it much. Physical therapy continues to be very orthopedic basics - and while understanding joints and muscles is super important, learning underlying influences can really get to the root of someone’s chronic issue.

What is frustrating for you in your field, or something you wish the general public could know about what you do?

Our field, and the orthopedics field in general is focused a lot on the joints and muscles. While important, all of our movement and function begin in the brain. For clients that aren’t getting better with the orthopedic model, it’s because their issue is coming from something autonomic (brain-related) that is sending signals to the body to behave in that way.

Some non-ortho issues that I’ve addressed with clients that have improved their symptoms - breathing/diaphragm work, reducing anxiety, changing sleeping habits, addressing teeth clenching behavior, correcting shoe wear, recognizing and treating emotional trauma, C1/C2 issues (chiro), pelvic floor therapy, and more.

You have to look at the entire person in front of you and not just the symptoms of the problem.

Charleston is a hot spot destination, what is one of your go-to places for food, a drink, or entertainment?

That’s a tough one, I am a major foodie! Here are a couple of my go-to favorite date/family nights

- Dinner at 82 Queen followed by a walk through the Night Market then dessert at Carmellas

- A boat ride up to Wando Creek Grill with a stop at the Cooper River Marina for some ice cream sandwiches

- Early Dinner at the Codfather followed by a Stingrays Hockey game!

What book are you currently reading?

I just got done reading The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. My favorite artist of all time is Jimmy Buffett. Coast of Carolina is my favorite song at the moment. #parrotheadforlife

Want to feel better?! Book with Courtney and start your journey to restore alternation throughout your system. Click here to book!


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