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Postural Restoration(TM)

Joint Effort is proud to be one of the only facilities in the state of South Carolina to offer Postural Restoration! 

Gina Aicardi teaches a client a Postural Restoration technique to improve muscular balance.
Courtney Stearn works with a client on a Postural Restoration technique for imrpoving pain with scoliosis.
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What is Postural Restoration (PRI)? 

Postural Restoration (PRI) is treatment approach that addresses postural, muscular, and neurological imbalances in the body. The big picture - our right and left sides are not the same. We have a larger and stronger right diaphragm than our left. We have a big liver on the lower right and a heart on our upper left of our thorax. This natural asymmetry is why over 90 percent of people are right dominant. This is also why scoliosis typically presents in the same direction.

Managing our body's natural asymmetry is what makes us all different. Some of us can manage it better than others. Problems arise when we develop too many imbalances in our asymmetry. One sided activities such as golf, tennis, and baseball can contribute to this inequality. Extension dominant activities such as gymnastics, football, desk jobs, and surfing can also create problems - if the lower spine loses flexion, the ability to alternate from side to side becomes compromised and compensatory patterns arise. 

As PRI therapists, we have a much deeper knowledge of not just biomechanics and orthopedics, but also neurological and respiratory influences on the musculoskeletal system. We work to reduce asymmetrical demands and restore alternation throughout your system. 

To learn more about the Postural Restoration Institute, click here!

Courtney Stearn works with a client on a Postural Restoration technique designed to reduce back and hip pain.

Problems we treat 

  • Back pain and sciatica

  • Hip pain - tendinitis, impingement, arthritis

  • SI Joint dysfunction

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Knee instability and arthritis

  • Shoulder problems

  • Neck pain and headaches

  • Hypermobility syndromes

  • Multi-joint problems

  • Muscle strains, overuse injuries, sports injuries

Gina Aicardi works with a client on a Postural Restoration technique used to help improve back pain, shoulder pain and hip pain.

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