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we're here to help you move better.

From the weekend warrior and senior pickleball player to competitive cheerleader and dancer, Joint Effort Movement Center is here to get you back in balance, so you can get back to the activity, love. Whether you are nursing an injury or just want to get stronger, Joint Effort is West Ashley's premier boutique rehab facility!

Specialty physical therapy in West Ashley, SC at Joint Effort Movement Center

we understand your body

Getting older sucks sometimes. Things get stiff, achy, and you start making noises in places you shouldn't. Maybe you keep a bottle of ibuprofen fully stocked in your home at all times. Maybe you feel like you are getting shorter and no matter how much you "stand up straight," it just doesn't work. Maybe you stretch, and stretch, and stretch some more, and the tightness NEVER goes away.

These are just some things our clients say to us all the time. And we know exactly how to help you.


Our full-body approach to treatment allows us to connect dots that other practitioners miss. Regardless of where your issue lies, we assess you from head to toe, from the way you walk to the way you breathe.  


it's all about you

We are here for you - your goals are our goals. And here's how we guide you to success: 

  • Full head-to-toe assessment by our Postural Restoration physical therapists

  • One hour, one-to-one, hands-on sessions with the SAME therapist 

  • LOTS of personal education and retraining tools to help you re-train bad habits that are causing you problems

  • Less visits over a longer duration to give you time to learn and reprogram your body. Instead of 2-3 times per week, we typically see you 2-6 times per month!

One on one physical therapy in West Ashley, SC
One on one physical therapy in West Ashley, SC at Joint Effort Movement Center

the weirdest pt you'll ever have

If you are looking for a different type of physical therapy, then you are definitely in the right place!


At Joint Effort, we’re known for our creative approaches and custom plans backed by the latest research and insights from leaders in the medical community.

Specializing in Postural Restoration, our approach is....well.....unique to say the least. We connect shoulders to hips, necks to knees, and even teeth to heels. Yup, you read that right. We are proud to be one of the only facilities in the state that offers this type of treatment!

We put your feet on walls and make you blow up balloons. We make you breathe. ALOT. But our pain-free activities help your body learn how to move in a new way. You'll learn how to fix yourself from the inside out. And that is empowering. 

JE MC (2).png

Calling all Charleston dancers! We are here for YOU!

We are dance rehab specialists and are current or former dancers! We understand the demands you place on your body in order to perform those gorgeous arabesques and perfect pirouettes. We also know aches and pains are frequent, and we want to keep you shining on the stage!

Gina Aicardi is our Certified Performing Arts Rehab Specialist at Joint Effort. She is a current dancer at DanceLab in West Ashley. 

Want to take your dancing to new heights?  Our DanceSTRONG program is a small group strength training program designed just for you!  We incorporate dance-specific strengthening, balance, and flexibility activities to help you improve your core strength, reduce your risk for injury, and help you excel to the next level.  To learn more about our DanceSTRONG program, click here! 

Dance Rehab at Joint Effort Movement Center in Charleston, SC
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JE MC (2).png
JE MC (2).png
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I have been to many physical therapists, but Courtney is different. She does things with compassion, and she does her homework.  She follows through to check up on you and she cares. As someone who has had lots of surgeries and lots of physical therapy, if any of you think you have a spine,  neck, or any joint problem I would definitely recommend giving her a call. Things that I always thought were my spine or neck were actually my rib cage, obliques, hamstrings, and back muscles. As far as endorsing someone give her 100.

Erika B.

Gina got to the root of my problem feeling pain when I walk. Turns out there are many differnet factors that affect the way we move and she gave me exercises to balance out all of those things!

Jessica H. 

If you have tried PT for your injury before and have been disappointed with the results, give Joint Effort a try. I've been struggling with pain from a running related injury for almost 10 years. I have given up on being able to run again so many times, I lost count. I tried Joint Effort at the suggestion of a massage therapist. I was sure I'd be disappointed again, but it seems I am finally making progress in the right direction. Their approach is unlike any I've tried before. They are so much more focused on not only how you are doing the exercises, but the muscle groups you can feel yourself engage while performing them. I'm not back to running yet, but I am comfortably walking more than twice as far as I was 6 months ago. I'm so happy I found them!