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Welcome to Joint Effort Movement Center, a physical therapy clinic that does things differently.


We combine non-traditional PT with other unique therapies to help our clients get stronger and pain-free. Our caring team also includes experts in massage, mat Pilates, and dance injury rehab.


It’s truly a joint effort between our practitioners and clients to collaborate on the best treatments that lead to success. Our clients often say that we’re REALLY good listeners.


Along with our Doctorates in Physical Therapy, we are the only clinic in South Carolina certified in Postural Restoration Therapy (also known as PRI.)

We invite you to scroll down to learn more about our therapies and how you can get started with us!

Postural Restoration Specialist Courtney Stearn works with a client on balloon activities
Service Icons-PRI.png

If you’ve tried traditional PT to get out of pain or gain movement and it hasn’t worked, then you’ve come to the right place.

At Joint Effort Movement Center, we offer physical therapy done differently. What does that mean?

For starters, we are the only South Carolina clinic that is certified in Postural Restoration (PRI.)

PRI is an advanced approach that focuses on restoring the three main postural components that contribute to full mobility: your neck, rib cage, and pelvis. 


In our pictures, you’ll see us using balloons. Why’s that? Breathing is an essential component of why PRI is effective for many of our clients.


As you blow into a balloon, it alters your posture and frees up movement in your body. Plus, it can be a lot of fun!

We offer other unique therapies to help our clients get stronger and pain-free.


Click a button below to schedule a session or to learn more about our physical therapy offerings. 

Service Icons-Massage Therapy.png

At our center, we have two types of massage clients. Some folks simply want a wonderful space to relax, and we’re ready for you!

Many of our massage clients want to lessen pain or discomfort in their bodies. 

Jenny on our team is one of the best massage therapists in Charleston. She goes out of her way to develop a personal relationship with you to understand your issues and how to resolve them.

She has many years of experience specializing in treatments that resolve your pain and improve your range of motion and tightness. 

Jenny specializes in Swedish massage, myofascial work, trigger point therapy, and prenatal massages. She can also incorporate hot stones, cupping, or dry needling into your session.

What really makes Joint Effort different is how we incorporate massage into an overall physical therapy treatment plan that improves your life!

Click a button below to schedule a massage or learn more about our offerings.

Spa Massage
Stretching on Yoga Mat
Service Icons-Mat Pilates.png

With mat-based Pilates, you get all the benefits of traditional Pilates without the need for equipment or the expense.

In our classes and one-on-one sessions, you use your body weight and props to support and guide your body through a low-impact, therapeutic workout.

It’s a safe form of exercise that can build strength, improve posture, reduce stress, and support the mind-body connection.

Emily, on our team, is a certified Pilates Instructor with close to a decade of experience working collaboratively with physical therapists.

Are you experiencing back pain, arthritis, or difficulty with hypermobility? Ask about our classes focused on addressing these issues.

New to exercise? Consider signing up for our beginner's class for mat-based Pilates.


Click a button below to join one of our classes or learn more about our offerings.

Service Icons-DanceSTRONG.png

Are you or a loved one dealing with a dance injury? It’s not easy to recover.

At Joint Effort Movement Center, ballet and ballroom dancers of all ages come to us because they trust our approach to dance injury rehab.

Gina, on our team, has a doctorate in physical therapy and is one of the few certified performing arts rehab specialists in Charleston. She’s also an active dancer!

We believe it takes a dancer to truly understand how to physically help another dancer to recover.

Gina’s training, expertise, and experience have established a strong reputation for getting our dancers back on stage and competing again!

Joint Effort is now accepting Ice Skaters, Cheerleaders, Gymnasts, and more into our rehab programs.


Click a button below to schedule a session or learn more about our offerings.

Dance Rehab Director Gina Aicardi works with a group of dancers on strength and conditioning as part of our DanceSTRONG program

What our clients are saying


Jennifer C. 

The whole gang at Joint Effort are amazing! I was in so much pain when I first came to them, but they were relentless in finding my root cause and helping me get my health back! I’m a thousand times better than I was and forever grateful for all their hard work!

Pilates Work Out

New Pilates Mat Classes!

Tuesdays & Thursdays

Hypermobility Class

Back Health Class

Managing Arthritis Class

Beginner Mat Pilates

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