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Experience the Difference.

Joint Effort - Physical Therapists

Joint Effort Movement Center

- Postural Restoration - Dry Needling - Physical Therapy - 

 - Massage TherapyAcupuncture - Reflexology -

- Dance Rehabilitation - Pilates - 

A whole body approach to movement and wellness designed to help you become the best you. We are South Carolina's FIRST and ONLY Certified Postural Restoration Center!

Postural Restoration Specialist Courtney Stearn works with a client on balloon activities

If you are looking for a different type of physical therapy, then you are definitely in the right place!

Specializing in Postural Restoration, our approach is....well.....unique to say the least. We connect shoulders to hips, necks to knees, and even teeth to heels. Yup, you read that right. We are proud to be one of the only facilities in the state that offers this type of treatment!

We put your feet on walls and make you blow up balloons. We make you breathe. ALOT. But our pain-free activities help your body learn how to move in a better way. 


Joint Effort - Physical Therapy

Whether you want to get out of pain, reduce some stress, or just treat yourself, we have a phenomenal massage therapist ready to loosen you up.  

We offer bodywork, Swedish, hot stone, and pre-natal massage as well as some amazing add-ons such as dry needling, aromatherapy, and CBD. 

Joint Effort - Massage Therapy
Massage Therapist Jenny Cheek performs massage therapy on a client's neck and shoulder
Reflexologist Cindy Malone works on an area of a client's feet.
Joint Effort - Reflexology

There's a reason reflexology has been around for centuries! There is a strong belief that your feet are a representation of your body. Applying pressure to different parts of your feet stimulates other areas of your body. Along with experiencing a whole new level of relaxation, working on acupressure points that are restricted will help restore flow and circulation to those areas of the body. 

Choose between a 30, 45, or 60 minute reflexology session. Add on a foot soak and scrub for a little pampering! 

Joint Effort - Dance Rehab

Calling all Charleston dancers, cheerleaders, gymnasts, aerialists, baton twirlers and everything in between! We are here for YOU!

Our dance rehab specialists are current or former dancers. We understand the demands you place on your body in order to perform those gorgeous arabesques and powerful somersaults. We also know aches and pains are frequent, and we want to keep you shining on the stage and competing at your best.

Gina Aicardi is our Certified Performing Arts Rehab Specialist at Joint Effort. She is a current dancer at DanceLab in West Ashley. 

We offer several rehab programs

  • Activity Specific Physical Therapy 

  • Injury Prevention Workshops and Screenings

  • Pointe Readiness Screenings

  • DanceSTRONG Conditioning Classes

  • DanceSTRONG Pilates

  • POP-UP Dance, Cheer, or Gymnastics Therapy Assessment Clinics at your studio

Dance Rehab Director Gina Aicardi works with a group of dancers on strength and conditioning as part of our DanceSTRONG program
Two dancers working together in a Duo Pilates class as part of our DanceSTRONG Pilates program

Do you want to start exercising, but don't know what exercises you should do? Do you have a history of pain or injury and want to be sure you aren't going to re-injure yourself? Do you want more one-on-one attention, but are still a little intimidated to go to a gym? 

Led by comprehensively certified Pilates instructor Emily Weiss, MoveSTRONG is designed as a transitional program for physical therapy clients to progress their movement practices.  Using theories and activities similar to Postural Restoration, Pilates is great way to progress your functional movement and elevate your strength! 

Physical Therapy - MoveSTRONG
Joint Effort - Massage Gift Certificates

Now offering
Gift Certificates! 


What our clients have to say...

Jennifer C. 

The whole gang at Joint Effort are amazing! I was in so much pain when I first came to them, but they were relentless in finding my root cause and helping me get my health back! I’m a thousand times better than I was and forever grateful for all their hard work!


I have been to many physical therapists, but Courtney is different. She does things with compassion, and she does her homework.  She follows through to check up on you and she cares. As someone who has had lots of surgeries and lots of physical therapy, if any of you think you have a spine,  neck, or any joint problem I would definitely recommend giving her a call. Things that I always thought were my spine or neck were actually my rib cage, obliques, hamstrings, and back muscles. As far as endorsing someone give her 100.

Sarah G. 

The team at Joint Effort are great! I went with chronic back and leg pain and Dr. Gina was able to get me realigned and show me techniques to prevent it from happening again. The improved quality of life they’ve given me is priceless!

Thank you for all you do, JE Team!

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