Dance Rehab

Joint Effort is proud to offer Dance and Performing Arts Rehab to the Charleston area!  Led by dancer and physical therapist, GIna Aicardi, our program incorporates dance-specific physical therapy, injury prevention, and Postural Restoration to help you get back on the stage as fast as possible! 

DanceSTRONG is a Wellness program offered at Joint Effort Movement Center

Dance-Specific Physical Therapy

Gina Aicardi is a certified Performing Arts Rehab Specialist. She has a strong passion for working with dancers, gymnasts, and cheerleaders! Our dance rehab program incorporates Postural Restoration, dry needling, and dance-specific activities to help get you back quickly.  

Common dance-related injuries we see are

  • Low back pain

  • Hip impingement

  • Hip flexor pain

  • Ankle sprains

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Neck pain

  • Hamstring strains

We are in-network with some insurances and services may be covered by your HSA. 

Gina Aicardi works with a dancer during physical therapy.
Gina Aicardi works with a dancer on improving strength during Joint Effort's DanceSTRONG Wellness Program

Looking to be a stronger dancer? Our DanceSTRONG wellness program incorporates core strengthening, balance, and flexibility in a small group or one on one setting. We tailor this program to strengthen commonly weak areas and stretch overused ones to help improve overall biomechanical balance.   

DanceSTRONG is appropriate for ages 12 and up. Classes are 45 minutes long and have a maximum of 5 participants per class. 


Group Session (45 minutes, 5 participant max): $25

4 Session Group Package: $85

One-on-one Wellness session (45 minutes): $85

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Workshops and screenings

We offer FREE on-site workshops and screenings geared towards your students!  We offer the following programs: 

Injury Prevention Workshops

This 30ish minute session involves us talking with your students as a group and discussing injury preventions. We teach 1-2 core strength activities and discuss some warning signs for possible injury or problems. Workshops can be tailored to dancers, cheerleaders, and gymnasts.

Injury Prevention Screenings

We perform one-on-one injury screenings to your students using research-based dance specific tests and measures. We then develop an overall injury risk assessment and discuss plans and options for improving risk. We can usually see about 15 students per hour. Screenings can be tailored to dancers, cheerleaders and gymnasts. 

Point Readiness Screenings

Using research based test and measures, we will screen your students that are visibly ready for Pointe to verify that they have the ankle stability, ROM, and core strength to achieve this next level. We can also give activities to help improve any skills lacking. 

Joint Effort Movement Center offers dance injury prevention and Pointe Readiness screenings to dance studios.