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An Interview With Our Massage Therapist Jenny!

Keep reading and get to know Jenny outside of her zen massage room!

What or who inspired you to choose your career path?

Up until age 26, on my first day of massage school, I had never had massage therapy in my life because it was not something modeled for me growing up. I went to school for String Music Education, and worked in the movie theater industry for 10 years, and still didn't have a sense of purpose. I had just lost my grandfather, to whom I was super close, and I couldn't find peace with his passing and just being gone. It was the first death I had experienced that close to home, and I struggled spiritually with his passing. One day in late 2005, I was sitting on my bed, so weary of the cruelty that comes with working with the general public, and literally said out loud to the silence of my room, "God, if you're listening, what do I do with my life?" Immediately in my head appeared massage therapy. I knew nothing about it, but I was so moved by the suddenness of the response that I looked into schools in my area, enrolled in one, and the rest is history. I literally feel called to this field, and it's served me well physically, emotionally, spiritually, and given me a sense of purpose in my community.

Why do you love what you do?

I think I really love what I do because I feel so rewarded and validated when my hands help another person's quality of life improve in an impactful way. It's an honor I don't take for granted. What is a frustration for you in your field, or something you wish the general public could know about what you do?

Broadly, I am really surprised each time I make a new connection that ends up benefitting a whole category of people suffering from a particular injury or surgical recovery journey. I get so excited because when I learn a new component of the work, I can't wait to try it on the clients who need that particular work.

Personally, I'm surprised by how many massage therapists don't know how to ask the right questions to assess client needs. There's too much assumption in my field, which means a huge bit of the population receiving those massages are at a disservice and don't really get what they need. An appropriate verbal intake with the right questions being asked is so effective in learning a client's expectations, and in creating a plan for those expectations.

What is a frustration for you in your field, or something you wish the general public could know about what you do?

For everyone, with ladies in particular, I ask you to stop apologizing for your bodies. We, myself included, are conditioned by societal pressures to present ourselves a certain way or we aren't worthy. Every body is worthy. I don't care that you haven't shaved your legs, and I'm certainly not critical of the fact you haven't had a pedicure, or that you gained weight. We have to do better and lift each other up. I accept you, whatever your journey is, you are welcome.

Charleston is a hot spot destination, what is one of your go-to places for food, a drink, or entertainment?

I love Macarro's or Vivi Bubble Tea for Boba drinks, Taco Boy for drinks and ambiance, White Duck Taco for tacos, and D' D'Allesandro's for fresh gourmet pizza. I love Hampton Park for walking around beautifully landscaped scenery, and I love downtown for the sites and mostly for playing PokémonGo with my husband. We have always been gamers, so downtown checks a lot of boxes for my favorite things. What book are you currently reading?

I'm currently reading Dare to Lead by Brené Brown. However, I don't mind sharing that my favorite artists of all time in order of most favorite include Imogen Heap, Coldplay, Fiona Apple, and Aviici.

Want to book with Jenny?! There are a handful of options so you can find the right massage for your body and your needs! Click here to learn more and book!


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