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Massage Therapy and Mental Health - An Amta Article

Woman feeling relaxed during a massage

Our very own massage therapist, Jenny Cheek, was recently interviewed for an article in the American Massage Therapy Association's Journal!

Here's a little excerpt....

About five years into her massage therapy practice, Cheek says she began picking up on certain patterns in clients. Some of the patterns were physiological in nature. Others were behavioral or verbal. All served to fill in the gaps left by her formal and verbal intakes—especially those

pertaining to mental health. “One big tip-off is when people describe physical pain in an emotional way,” she says. “Perhaps their eyes well up as they’re talking about it. Or they say things like, ‘I’m not sure I can go on like this.’”

Cheek automatically assumes a certain degree of depression in clients who have endured chronic pain for more than a few years. Research supports her observation. In a 2019 Australian study, 169 individuals with chronic pain reported an array of affective-disorder symptoms,

including depression and anxiety.2 “When it has permanently altered the way they walk or hold themselves—that represents a decrease in quality of life, in my opinion,” Cheek says.

You can read the entire article here!

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