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What Is Reflexology?


Reflexology is a special type of massage therapy based on ancient Chinese medicine. The theory is that your feet are a representation of your body, and certain areas of your feet are connected to certain systems and organs. When the body is stressed, qi (pronounced chee) or "vital energy" will become blocked and imbalance will occur. Acupuncture also revolves around this theory. 

Reflexology is a great complement to other treatments including acupuncture, massage, and physical therapy. It can be very effective in reducing stress, pain, and anxiety. Clients have also reported improvements in hormonal imbalance, kidney function, digestion, and peripheral neuropathy. 

For clients with balance issues, reflexology can help improve proprioception and stability in the feet.  When used in combination with physical therapy, it can be very effective in reducing falls. 

Our reflexology room is dark, relaxing, and intimate - perfect for calming your system. 


  • Aromatherapy - A custom experience depending on your needs! We an create a custom experience for relaxation, energy, anxiety, and more! 

  • CBD Level 3 Cream - Our level 3 cream is great for enhancing relaxation and reducing stress. Includes extra for your to take home for later! 


60 Minute Reflexology Session  -  $75
30 Minute Foat Soak and Scrub  -  $45
90 Minute Ultimate Reflexology Combo  -  $110


4-Pack Reflexology Session  -  $250
4-Pack Foat Soak and Scrub  -  $160
4-Pack Ultimate Reflexology Combo  -  $385


Does medical insurance cover reflexology? To date, we have not found any medical insurance that covers reflexology. However, you may use your HSA for reflexology if you have a letter of medical necessity from your physician. 
How many sessions do I need to see results? It depends on what you are being treated for and if you are doing reflexology by itself or with another service.  Typically, we recommend 6-8 visits on a consistent basis.  Usually, it takes 3-4 sessions before you will notice a difference. 
Do you offer discounted packages? Yes! We have a 4-pack package for all reflexology services. CLICK HERE to purchase our packages!

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