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Joint Effort - Reflexology Therapy


Reflexologist Cindy Malone works on a client's foot during  a reflexology session

What Is Reflexology?


Reflexology is a special type of manual treatment based on ancient Chinese medicine. The theory is that your feet are a representation of your body, and certain areas of your feet are connected to certain systems and organs. When the body is stressed, qi (pronounced chee) or "vital energy" will become blocked and imbalance will occur. Acupuncture also revolves around this theory. 

Reflexology is a great complement to other treatments including acupuncture, massage, and physical therapy. It can be very effective in reducing stress, pain, and anxiety. Clients have also reported improvements in hormonal imbalance, kidney function, digestion, and peripheral neuropathy. 

For clients with balance issues, reflexology can help improve proprioception and stability in the feet.  When used in combination with physical therapy, it can be effective in reducing falls. 

Our reflexology room is dark, relaxing, and intimate -

perfect for calming your system. 

Our reflexology room at Joint Effort Movement Center

Lisa B. 

After having numerous reflexology sessions over the years, I finally found a true pro with a healing touch! Cindy creates a warm and relaxing environment to enjoy while receiving the benefits of reflexology! Highly recommended!

Beth M. 

I had the best reflexology session with Cindy. It was so relaxing, it really helped my energy and my sleep. I can tell she is someone who cares so much for your health.


30 Min Intro Session

Curious about reflexology? During this introductory session, Cindy will assess your feet and take notes of your rough points as she takes you through an abbreviated session. 


45 Min Session 

A slightly abbreviated version of our 60 min session, but the same great service! This session is excellent to pair with a massage or a foot scrub for ultimate relaxation!


60 Min Session 

Our most popular session! Enjoy 1 full hour of bliss - Cindy will work through trigger points on your feet and improve your energy and flow. You'll feel like you're walking on clouds!



Foot Soak and Scrub (30 minutes) - $45

CBD Add-On - $30

*Packages available


Does medical insurance cover reflexology? To date, we have not found any medical insurance that covers reflexology. However, you may use your HSA or FSA for reflexology if you have a letter of medical necessity from your physician (you will have to contact your HSA). 
What type of medical conditions do you treat?  High blood pressure, stress, anxiety, foot pain, peripheral neuropathy, hormonal imbalances, fatigue syndrome, and sleep disorders. Reflexology is also extremely beneficial for prenatal anxiety, swollen, tired feet, and reducing stress and anxiety during chemotherapy treatments. 
How many sessions do I need to see results? It depends on what you are being treated for and if you are doing reflexology by itself or with another service.  Typically, we recommend 6-8 visits on a consistent basis.  Just like starting any treatment, it takes 3-4 sessions before you will notice long term changes. 

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