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An Interview with Our Reflexologist Cindy!

Cindy Malone, reflexologist, works on a pressure point on the client's foot.

Learn a little more about our amazing reflexologist! Cindy provides our clients the gift of relaxation, pain reduction, and body balance.

Who inspired me to pursue Reflexology? I had taken a weekend Reflexology class in 2017 and fell in

love with the fact that our bodies are a mirror image of our feet. Learning relaxation skills are a basic

introduction to the complexity of body/foot relation. However, in late 2018 my brother was

diagnosed with end stage pancreatic/liver cancer. Refusing any pain medication, he allowed me to

take his feet in my lap. I gently worked on all areas of his feet. This alone was all that seemed to

make a difference in his pain and stress level and anxiety. He made me promise to continue with

more education. I kept that promise.

2. What do you love most about what you do? I love that fact that it relaxes people. They are able to forget for an hour any stress that they have going on in their life. Afterward each session I am usually able to tell them what their feet tell me; reflecting areas of past or current

issues in their bodies.

3. What's something surprising about reflexology that we might not know about? There are more 17,000 endings in each foot and takes milliseconds for signals from them to reach brain also the feet are most absorbent for therapeutic oils to penetrate through to pull into the bloodstream.

4. What's one of the most frustrating things about your profession? That reflexology is not widely known in the south! Most clients are not involved in holistic medicine and have no idea what reflexology is.

5. What's one of your favorite places to go in Charleston? Surprise! The Beach. My place for solitude, my place to let loose and be a child and play in the sand and maybe have an adult beverage all in one.

6. What's your all time favorite musician? I have always loved the music of John Hiatt. I use to

bounce my twin babies on my hips to his music when they were fussing to calm them down. Worked

every time.

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